Each project is unique, because the company is unique. A standardized product cannot fully respond to business needs as it is not the result of an analysis of the real needs and directions of growth that the company aims to achieve.

Our process for your "Turnkey" project

We design the tailor-made product with the customer to optimize it for business needs or enrich standard products with value to make them fit the requirements.


Requirements Collection and Analysis

The requirements are not always well defined in the customer’s idea. Through interviews, brainstorming and benchmarking with management and / or key-users, we extrapolate and analyze the needs, functions, characteristics, behavior, actions and processes that the project will have to possess.


Design and Sharing

We design the solution that satisfies the explicit requirements in an optimal way and we share it with the management and/or key users for the definition of a shared project plan, with well-defined times and costs.


Implementation and Release

In the implementation phase, we mobilize all the resources necessary for the implementation of the project agreed in the design phase. We release to the customer’s staff what has been done for the start-up of production, providing training and start-up support.


Adaptive and Evolutionary Maintenance

We carry out constant adaptive and evolutionary maintenance work to guarantee the project not only continuous operation but also growth and improvement over time.

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