Data Integration

Valid data management tools, in terms of storage and computation, must be combined with equally valid data integration solutions to maximize the value that can be extracted from the data.

Ingestion & Transformation

The value of Big Data does not lie in its volume but in the correlation between the variety of sources, types and formats of data which, on large volumes and through appropriate technical and business processes, can guarantee the extraction of new knowledge.

Managing various sets of data and integrating them with each other to obtain an aggregate vision, consistent and connected with the business strategy, is a technical challenge that at Koros Consulting we face through the use of ETL technologies. We propose, Talend Data Integration as an ETL tool on premise and AWS Glue in the cloud environment. For streaming data we use the Confluent platform.

By leveraging these technologies, we integrate and transform data to offer our customers a unified, long-term view of the data. Thanks to the combination of the oldest datasets together with the most recent ones, we feed the company Data Lake to make the data available for subsequent processing and detailed analysis.


Extract, Transform, Load


Extraction - The first step, that of extraction from sources of origin, extrapolates streams of raw, structured and unstructured data from existing databases, legacy systems, cloud, hybrid and local environments, mobile devices and apps. Data is assimilated completely or according to predefined rules and consolidated into a single repository.


Transformation - Transformation is generally considered the most important part of the ETL process. Cleaning, standardization, de-duplication, verification, sorting are part of the data transformation activities that improve its integrity and make it manageable, comparable and compatible.


Load - The data just transformed and ready for use, are uploaded to the destination site and will be usable for subsequent analyzes.



Thanks to Talend, it is possible to manage the demands of constantly growing data volumes, users and increasingly complex use cases thanks to its open, native and scalable architecture to quickly implement market innovations.


Complete platform for the analysis of streaming events that adds to the power of the Apache Kafka messaging system numerous connectors for extracting, transforming and loading data in real-time.

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