data governance

Data Governance

In today's context in which access to large amounts of heterogeneous data, internal and external to the organization, has become an easily accessible opportunity, a solid data governance policy is absolutely essential.

Metadata management, Data Catalog e Master Data management:

The opportunity for companies to rapidly acquire immense amounts of heterogeneous data from which they can extrapolate information has determined the need for a discipline that would regulate its management, reducing risks and costs while optimizing the value that can be extracted from the data.

Setting up a solid data governance policy is essential to ensure company data that is understandable, correct, complete, reliable and of quality as well as a data platform compliant with the current regulatory scenario (GDPR).

The data governance criterion that we apply in our projects is based on the application of scalable open source tools that can be quickly integrated into the existing business environment and that operate in order to achieve the objectives set by the customer.

For these objectives, we use metadata management tools to manage all the needs associated with the data life cycle and master metadata management tools to integrate data, thus passing from a fragmented vision to a common and single vision.



The Collibra platform offers Data Catalog and Metadata Management solutions that allow you to govern and manage access to company data, uniquely defining its meaning and allowing all stakeholders to be able to extract information from the data.

Talend Master Data Management

Thanks to the integrations offered by the other software of the Talend suite, it allows a univocal and certain definition of the “truth”, making it usable and shareable. Furthermore, thanks to the Data Quality tools offered, the data can be cleaned before becoming part of the company Data Catalog.

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