Increasingly strategic in the world of Information Technology, the cloud is the architecture most requested by companies looking for flexibility, speed and versatility.

IaaS, Move & Scale

Cloud computing is a technology trend that is evolving and spreading very quickly and that companies need to watch out for to avoid investing in inadequate IT services and missing out on the business opportunities that the cloud can offer.

Switch to the cloud, taking advantage of its features, such as scalability, for the provision of services according to customer needs, or accessibility, for the use of services anytime and anywhere, or measurability, for autonomous and transparent control of the services used, can guarantee a company considerable advantages such as cost and complexity reduction and greater agility.

However, the concept of cloud computing should not be limited to the mere migration of existing workloads to the cloud environment. Although the improvements that this same activity can already guarantee, the potential of the cloud is fully expressed when a company embraces a cloud-centric approach, in which applications are optimized to enhance their opportunities and contain their inherent limitations.

At Koros Consulting, we offer precisely the Cloud-centric approach to maximize the potential of the cloud and work alongside cloud providers, such as Amazon AWS, to offer our customers the best services.We enrich our offer both with consolidated skills on Google Cloud Platform and IBM Cloud environments and with a surplus of value regarding:

Consulting services for the migration of data and applications to the cloud

Infrastructure management and administration services

Managed hosting


Infrastructure as a Service

With an IaaS service, the IT infrastructure is outsourced. The service consists of virtualized hardware resources (RAM, space, network, server) that allow the user to create and manage, according to his needs, his own infrastructure on the cloud, without worrying about both the physical allocation of resources and their maintenance.


Platform as a Service

It is a category of cloud computing that provides developers with a platform and environment to build applications and services on the Internet. In this case, the user can develop and run their own applications through the tools provided by the provider, which guarantees the proper functioning of the underlying infrastructure.


Software as a Service

It is a model that includes applications and software systems, accessible from any type of device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.), through the simple use of a client interface. In this way, the user does not have to worry about managing resources and infrastructure, as they are controlled by the provider that supplies them.

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