‘’We hire people who want to make the best things in the world.’’

- 'Steve Jobs'



Koros Consulting believes in business growth thanks to the extraordinary skills of the people who work there. It believes and invests in the talent of its employees, and is always looking for enthusiastic and passionate people.
If you are interested in being part of this extraordinary team, send your CV online, following the directions: our promise is that it will be evaluated with the utmost attention!

Work in

Koros Consulting

Working in Koros Consulting is certainly pleasant thanks to the good company climate and the presence of the management that constantly pays attention to the collaborators.


Customer Satisfaction:
External and internal, loyalty, honesty, reliability, collaboration, empathy, informality, sense of belonging, organization.

Competence, seriousness, talent, creativity, intelligence

Openness to change:
Availability, flexibility

Want to do:
Initiative, proactivity


It is important to have a goal

It is important to achieve it

But we believe it is very important THE PATH to reach the goal:
creating value along the way, having fun while working, getting excited.

The inclusion of

Newly experienced

Experience teaches us that to make a good fire you need wood of different sizes.

For the same reason, work teams are made up of people with different levels of experience. New IT experts, whether they are recent graduates or have just come out of a professional training course, can find space in Koros through a 3-month internship that aims to get to know each other and understand if it is possible to undertake a structured path .
After the internship, the natural outcome is permanent employment with the professionalizing apprenticeship contract, which allows the new expert to acquire the secrets of the trade through training and training-on-the-job.

Each person is different, consequently it is not easy to establish a precise “professional path” for the new expert. Usually in the first 2-3 years:

– the new expert is employed in short (3-6 months) and medium (6-12 months) ICT projects;

– these projects can take place both at the company’s offices and at the customers’ offices;

– the projects currently take place mainly in Palermo and Milan; some also in Rome where an office was opened at the beginning of 2016;

– the new expert matures very significant experiences that allow career and job advancements.



Rules to follow to work better in Koros Consulting

Understanding, meeting and exceeding the expectations of “customers”
Wealth depends on the value of what we supply to the market. Exceeding expectations: the way to become indispensable. Give the customer what we have agreed and … a little more !! If we work more than we are paid, we will inevitably end up earning more than we are paid today.

Be attractive people
The attractive person: puts others and their needs at the center of attention, is sensitive, that is, is capable of feeling what others feel, is humble, has a high sense of ethics, is reliable and keeps what it promises. She is not afraid to declare her shortcomings, she is creative, she is courageous, she thinks critically and every day: she takes a shower, changes her underwear, smells and makes sure you have good breath.

Be professional
The professional: plans and organizes his work as part of a “team”, works for objectives [in the short, medium and long term], designs the measurement of results, makes use of methodologies, trains and updates himself continuously ( at least a little every day), shares knowledge with colleagues, gets passionate, while remaining detached.

Harness the power of imagination
Nothing exists that was not a dream before
– ‘Carl Sandberg

Harnessing the seed of opportunity
In every negative event the seed of opportunity is hidden.

Stand out from the crowd
Too many similar companies make similar products / services that they offer in a similar way. Everyone’s contribution can make a difference!

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